Q.1. Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?
It depends on how they have erupted and grown. In many instances, it is seen that the mouth does not have enough space, thus causing crowding impacted wisdom tooth. In such cases, the wisdom teeth need to be removed. If they have grown without any hassle, then there is no need.
Q.2. How Long Does The Pain Last After The Removal Of Wisdom Teeth?
The wisdom tooth pain may be there for at most a couple of days. In these days, you will need to take all the necessary precautions as directed by your dentist.
Q.3. Can Dental Filling Fall Off?
Yes, but the chances are rare.
Q.4. What To Do If Your Fillings Come Out?
Visit your dentist as soon as your Dental Filling comes out.
Q.5. How To Know That Dental Filling Is Loose?
If you have sensitivity even after getting the filling done, then it is likely that your filling is about to come off. Or if you feel pressure while eating or have a constant toothache then the chances of it coming off is high.
Q.6. Do Dental Crowns Hurt?
Before the procedure, dentists administer a local anaesthetic. Therefore getting dental crowns may not hurt. However, once the anaesthetic wears off, feeling soreness and sensitivity in the gums is usual, and it usually goes away in a few days.
Q.7. Do One Needs A Dental Crown After RCT?

Root Canal Treatment means that the pulp inside the tooth will be cleared out. Therefore to provide strength after filling up the cavity, crowns are usually used. Adding a crown to the tooth after RCT is a must.

Q.8. Can One Brush Their Teeth After The Whitening Process?
Brushing teeth right after a teeth whitening treatment is not advised by dentists. Individuals must allow few hours to pass before brushing the teeth for the first time after treatment.

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