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Kids Dentistry at sonrisa Dental Clinic

Have you ever wondered why nowadays kids of very small age like 3 to 4 years are developing dental problems ?
It is because of the the the recent changed food habits of kids
Dental problems at very early age affect their health, growth, development and speech too.
At Sonrisa Dental Clinic, Sus,Pune, right from root canal of milk teeth ,capping, removal and putting space maintainer, fluoride treatments all procedures in children dentistry are carried out by a children teeth specialist.


Kids Dentist or Pediatric Dentist are trained to take care of dental complexities of kids and teens. Pediatric dentistry is a separate field dedicated to kids, their Oral Health prevention and preparation for the future.


Root Canal Treatment In Milk Teeth
If you think your child is too young to need root canal treatment, think again — there is no age limit for this treatment. If his/her primary (baby) teeth have been injured, or if decay has advanced deep into the roots of your child’s teeth, a root canal treatment to stabilize teeth may be needed.
Root canal treatment removes the infection from the pulp, the living tissue that is found inside the tooth’s roots. The pulp contains the tooth’s nerves, so tooth pain is often an indication that decay has moved into the pulp.
Root canal treatment is a simple procedure wherein instruments are used to clean the root canals of teeth followed by inserting a medication so as to maintain the teeth properly in the oral cavity.

You might need a root canal if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Q.1. What Is The Minimum Age For Visiting A Kid’s Dentist?

– You should take your child to the pediatric dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts in their mouth, or right around the time your child turns one. Book an appointment with an expert at your nearest Clove Dental Clinic for pediatric consultation.

Q.2. How Long Should A Child Visit A Pediatric Dentist?

– It is mandatory for a child to see a pediatric dentist till the age of 14, because by this time, all of their permanent teeth have grown out. Beyond this, it is the choice of the child and his/her parents. However, it is recommended that a child should visit a pediatric dentist till the age of 16.

Q.3. When Should A Child Start Brushing?

– For children, brushing should start with the eruption of the first tooth. However, expert kids dentist advice to make sure that the amount of toothpaste should be very small, almost equivalent to a grain of rice.

Q.4. Should Mothers Clean The Mouth Of Babies If There Are No Teeth?

– It is extremely important to maintain oral hygiene and keep the mouth clean & clear of germs, irrespective of the age. Mothers can clean the mouth, both upper and lower jaw, of their children with the help of a soft cloth

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