Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals at sonrisa Dental Clinic

At Sonrisa dental clinic, Sus, Pune, saving your natural tooth is our mission and root canal treatment exactly does the same.
It is a treatment where we remove and clean infected nerve of the tooth and restore the tooth for you to use for a long time for chewing.
We use latest equipments this treatment for more accuracy and saving time like Apex locator and X-rays. This way we save your natural tooth instead of removing.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy involves a root filling process that extends further into the tooth, rather than just the crown. We anaesthetise the entire tooth for your comfort. After that, the infected or dying nerve is removed; then the open canal is cleaned out and shaped up. We’ll also place medication inside of the nerve chamber to help kill off any bad bacteria and fight the infection for your body. A temporary filling protects your tooth between the initial clean-out appointment and the secondary visit a short time later.

Keeping You Comfortable

Your tooth will be numb for the entire appointment, so that you don’t have to feel a thing. As with a routine filling or other restorative treatment, your comfort is extremely important to us. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable during the procedure, we can add more anaesthetic or delay the procedure. Fortunately, most endodontic therapies can be completed without any type of discomfort on the part of our patients.

Symptoms of an Abscess or Nerve Damage

You might need a root canal if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Signs of pain or frequent toothaches

Gradual darkening of your tooth

Fracture that extends to the nerve

Losing a large filling

A bubble on the side of your gums

If you have to avoid chewing on that tooth

Leaky, old restorations

Deep decay

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